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Latin America and the Caribbean continental TEI for inclusive and equal societies

Team Europe Initiative


Transformational Potential:

  • Strengthening social contracts in LAC and reduce inequalities;
  • Increasing inclusiveness, fairness, equality, and social cohesion, strengthening the position of the EU and its Member States as partners of reference in the social development priority area.

The Team Europe Proposal:

1. Promote universal and fair access to basic services (education, health, social protection, employment), design & strengthening:

  • Regional and subregional strategies;
  • Social protection systems;
  • Education systems (TVET), transition into employment;
  • Essential public health functions.

2. Support women’s and youth’s participation in the green and digital transitions:

  • Research and analysis (structural gaps);
  • Industrial and technology policies (job creation, innovation and export diversification);
  • Encourage social innovation;
  • Synergy with the regional LAC Digital Alliance and Green Alliance TEIs.

3. Support the participatory design and implementation of fair and equitable social and fiscal policies:

  • Exchange of practices and peer-to-peer learning (sustainable public spending);
  • Development of new (national) social and fiscal compacts.

4. Promote broad societal engagement in the design and oversight of public policies to ensure inclusivity and ownership (women, youth, indigenous people, civil society, private sector, academia and local authorities)

5. Strong focus on women, children and youth

6. Synergy with other TEIs:

  • Paraguay and Mexico Inequalities TEIs;
  • El Salvador, Guatemala, Dominican Republic economic / green centred TEIs;
  • Colombia TEI focused on peace;
  • Haiti TEI on education.

Team Europe Actors


Geographical area

Latin America and the Caribbean

Thematic priority

Sustainable growth and jobs
Human Development


1. No Poverty
3. Good Health and Well-being
4. Quality Education
5. Gender Equality
8. Decent Work and Economic Growth
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities