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Digital 4 Development Hub (D4D Hub)

Team Europe Initiative


The Transformational Potential - a human-centric model of digital transformation in partner countries worldwide that is fair, inclusive and green.

The Team Europe Proposal:

1. The Hub facilitates, through dialogue, the identification of new initiatives (in line with Team Europe approach) in partner countries to scale up investments and innovation, while promoting a human-centric approach to digitalization.

2. D4D Hub is a platform open to all EU MS, that ensures engagements, coordination, and synergies among the EU, MSs, their development agencies and IFIs, and ensures a multi-stakeholder approach involving private sector, civil society, and academia via the Advisory Groups.

3. Multi-Partner Contribution Agreement (MPCA).

D4D Hub is a multi-layered coordination mechanism that operates through:

  • Global D4D Hub Board at global level
  • Africa, LAC and Asia - Pacific Regional Branches at regional and local level 

9 fully operational Thematic working groups (each is co-led by DG INTPA and 1 or 2 MS): 

1.    Digital & Green Twin Transition, 

2.    Entrepreneurship & Innovation, 

3.    Digital Governance, 

4.    Digital Literacy and Skills, 

5.    Digital Connectivity, 

6.    Digital Rights, 

7.    Digital & Gender, 

8.    Cybersecurity, 

9.    Digital Health.


Team Europe Actors


Geographical area


Thematic priority

Green deal
Science, Technology, Innovation and Digital
Human Development


8. Decent Work and Economic Growth
9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure