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DG INTPA Strategic Foresight Hub

INTPA Strategic Foresight

In line with the European Commission’s embedding of Strategic Foresight in better policymaking, DG International Partnerships uses Foresight to shift our mind-set from the here-and-now (reactive) to future-in-the-making (anticipatory). In a world facing global challenges such as climate change, digital and green transitions, health emergencies, inflation, wars, power shifts and geopolitical tensions strategic foresight helps organisations like ours to anticipate long-term change to make better decisions in the present day.

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Youth4Foresight Toolkit

Toolkit objective

Through the Youth Action Plan in EU external action (YAP) the EU builds a partnership with young people worldwide by engaging, empowering, and connecting them through various processes and actions. The toolkit supports the implementation of the YAP, in particular the commitments to increase the voice and leadership of young people, promote their involvement in the EU external policies and actions, as well as to enhance institutional capacity and expertise of EU staff on how to engage with young people.

Foresight offers a method for positive engagement beyond the focus on past or current issues, fostering creativity and providing alternatives to current paradigms. Using foresight tools can help to integrate youth perspectives into EU external action, focusing on desired futures, transition pathways and trends. Embedding strategic foresight in EU policy making is in line with the objectives of Better Regulation Agenda and highlighted in the 2024 Communication on the European Year of Youth 2022.

Toolkit target audience

EU Delegations (YFPs) worldwide and INTPA Headquarters experts who engage with young people, Youth Sounding Boards

Toolkit contents

  • User guide for Youth Focal Points and other EU colleagues: introduction to foresight concepts and the toolkit.
  • Introduction video to Foresight (20 min)
  • Foresight techniques: Six tools with instructions, facilitation tips, and 5-minute explanatory videos

Start your journey and read the introduction to the toolkit available in both English and Spanish.