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DG INTPA Strategic Foresight Hub

INTPA Strategic Foresight

In line with the European Commission’s embedding of Strategic Foresight in better policymaking, DG International Partnerships uses Foresight to shift our mind-set from the here-and-now (reactive) to future-in-the-making (anticipatory). In a world facing global challenges such as climate change, digital and green transitions, health emergencies, inflation, wars, power shifts and geopolitical tensions strategic foresight helps organisations like ours to anticipate long-term change to make better decisions in the present day.

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Foresight methodology, supported by a range of tools, allows us to navigate uncertainty, to think and explore:

  • possible future(s) that could arise over a 5/10-30 years horizon,
  • the potential implications, opportunities, and challenges these might present.

Foresight is not forecasting nor predicting the future. It helps us act in the present to shape the future(s) we want. 

The INTPA Strategic Foresight Hub is a community of practice where 150 colleagues from Headquarters and EU Delegations co-create different resources for futures-proofing INTPA's work. Some of these resources are public and are accessible here:

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