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Results & Indicators

Results and Indicators for Development

The guidance on thematic results and indicators covers DG INTPA strategies in various sectors, aiming to enhance the quality of our interventions – in terms of design, monitoring in the course of implementation. It also aims to promote the use of standardized information across European Union-funded interventions in partner countries. DG INTPA unit in charge of monitoring results (D.4) and thematic units developed the guidance.



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Methodological approach

The guidance on results and indicators offers support to build strong logical frameworks, identify SMART results and measurable indicators in with INTPA priorities. Click here to access the methodological guidance. (PDF attached)

Predefined indicators for design and monitoring of EU-funded interventions

Predefined indicators appear in OPSYS as predefined indicators when users are designing Logical Framework Matrix. Check the latest list of core indicators in OPSYS here.

Results chain diagram

The results chain covers outputs, outcomes and impact. The diagram is an interactive tool making users to have a view on the logical links between outputs and outcomes, and how their achievement would lead to the desired impact.

Results frameworks

The EU Results Framework (EURF) and the Global Europe Results Framework (GERF) are the INTPA corporate results framework used to collect and measure key results achieved by interventions funded by external assistance financing instruments of EU international cooperation. Check the latest methodological aspects and notes here