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Content Creation

Content is the lifeblood of our community, fostering knowledge sharing, collaboration, and innovation among development professionals. This section provides a comprehensive guide to creating and sharing various types of content on Capacity4dev, empowering you to contribute your unique insights, experiences, and resources with your peers.

The Content Creation section covers the following topics:

  1. Draft Content: Learn about drafting content, allowing you to work on your contributions at your own pace, save your progress, and publish when you're ready.
  2. Post a Document: Discover how to share documents, such as reports, guidelines, or research papers, that can provide valuable information and insights to the community.
  3. Post an Image: Understand the process of uploading and sharing images that enhance the visual appeal and engagement of your content.
  4. Post a Photo Album: Explore the steps to create and share photo albums, showcasing your projects, events, or other activities in a visually compelling format.
  5. Start a Discussion: Learn how to initiate and moderate discussions, encouraging meaningful conversations and fostering collaboration among members.
  6. Create an Event: Master the art of promoting events, such as webinars, workshops, or conferences, by creating and sharing event pages within the Capacity4dev platform.

Dive into the Content Creation section to enhance your Capacity4dev experience, and make a lasting impact by sharing your knowledge and expertise with our diverse community of development professionals.


A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating an Event on the Capacity4dev Platform 

Capacity4dev's events are an excellent way to share, promote, and engage with community members in various activities. This step-by-step guide will help you effectively create and share your event on the platform, ensuring maximum visibility and participation. 

Take advantage of these simple steps to create and share your event on Capacity4dev: 

  1. Step: Log in to Your Capacity4dev Account
  2. Step: Navigate to the Post content button
  3. Step: Choose a location
  4. Step: Complete the Event Form
  5. Step: Tag Your Event
  6. Step: Provide Additional Event Details
  7. Step: Attach Relevant Documents
  8. Step: Save as a Draft or Publish

Detailed steps 

Step 1: Log in to Your Capacity4dev Account

Sign in to your Capacity4dev account to access the platform's features and create an event. You must be a member of a Group or a Project/Programme Owner or Administrator. 

Step 2: Navigate to the Post Content button

To create the event, you should click on the yellow button "Post content" in the right top corner.

Step 3: Choose a location

Choose where you want to post your event.

Step 4: Create an Event

Click on the "Create an event" link in the drop-down window to start creating a new event. 

Step 4: Complete the Event Form

Fill in all mandatory fields marked with an asterisk (*), including the title, event type, description, and date and time. Make sure to provide clear and concise information to help users understand the event's purpose. 

Step 5: Tag Your Event

Improve your event's visibility by selecting the language, Topics and Countries. Proper tagging ensures that users interested in the same topics can easily find your event.  

Step 6: Provide Additional Event Details 

Enhance your event's description by adding information such as  organiser, event website, and social media links (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). This will give users more context and encourage them to participate. 

Step 7: Attach Relevant Documents

Upload documents such as the agenda, background information or presentations. This allows you to share important files related to the event and provide attendees with valuable resources. 

Step 8: Save as a Draft or Publish

You can either save your event as a draft for later editing or publish it directly on the platform. Once published, your event will be visible to the Capacity4dev community. 

Creating and sharing your event on Capacity4dev is simple and efficient, ensuring that your event receives the attention it deserves. Follow these steps, and you'll be able to promote your event to a wide audience within the platform. If you have any issues or questions, don't hesitate to reach out to the support team for assistance at